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Wood Composite Siding

wood composite siding

Composite siding is one of the newest siding options available to homeowners.  Made from a combination of wood and various other products, composite siding is a durable, affordable choice of siding for homeowners.  With its natural appearance and easy installation, composite wood is a viable choice for homeowners that are looking to update the siding of their home and like the look of wood siding but want a price that is more comparable to vinyl or aluminum siding.

As a homeowner, choosing a new siding for your home is a very difficult decision.  Siding is the one thing that can decide the overall look for your entire home and is a decision that you will likely have to live with for many years to come.  There are constantly new siding choices evolving for homeowners, with one of the latest of those being wood composite siding.  With a resemblance to wood siding, wood composite siding is a less expensive alternative for homeowners that is also durable, light weight and easy to install.  Wood composite siding is a combination of any different number of particles including wood veneers, plastic particles as well as various other fibers.

Benefits of Wood Composite Siding

Wood composite siding, while a newer option for homeowners, has a wide variety of benefits to take advantage of.  Homeowners get the added benefits that wood and plastic have to offer since wood composite siding is a combination of both. This affordable alternative to wood siding offers durability along with affordability to give homeowners a viable option other than vinyl or aluminum to side their homes in.  The fact that composite wood siding does not rot, means that it will last for many years to come.  Wood composite siding is also impact resistant, which will leave your siding beautiful for a longer period of time without the worry about hail or harsh wind damage.

An Environmentally Friendly Choice

As homeowners today, it is our responsibility to consider the impact on the environment that our home improvement project entails.  When you choose wood composite siding for your home, you are choosing a greener alternative than some other siding options.  Since a majority of the wood that is used in composite wood siding is recycled as is the plastic polymers, you can feel good about your siding choice when you choose wood composite.

Maintenance of Wood Composite Siding

Wood composite siding is known for its maintenance free characteristics, however painting your wood composite siding will add to the longevity of your siding.  Most composite siding is installed with a primer already applied that helps the initial paint to last longer, but continually painting your wood composite siding every few years will help to continue to help your siding’s weather resistance.

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