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Gutters might not be the first thing you consider when you are trying to increase the aesthetic appeal of your home, but they play a vital role in keeping your home safe, which makes them an important accessory. The benefits that you receive from the right type and proper installation of gutters are priceless. You probably take your dry basement, perfect topsoil and beautiful siding for granted. If it weren’t for your gutters, those things wouldn’t be as perfect or attractive. Properly fitted and installed gutters are primarily responsible for the beauty and longevity of your home.

If you are trying to determine the type of gutters that you should install, you have several choices to make. The first choice is sectional or seamless. The differences are obvious, sectional gutters have seams and seamless do not. What does this mean to homeowners? Sectional gutters run the risk of leaking at the seams while seamless does not run that risk for obvious reasons.

Both gutter types come in a variety of sizes and colors making it easy to find the gutters that blend into the exterior of your home the best. Seamless gutters are cut to size right on your property and come in various materials such as aluminum, steel and galvanized copper. All gutter types come in various shapes to perfectly fit your home. Once you choose your gutters, you will still have the choice of downspouts to choose from. The most common sizes are 2×3 inches or 3×4 inches, which is available in both rectangular and round. As a general rule, if your area is very leafy, you should choose a larger downspout to prevent clogging. Taking the time to choose the right gutters and care for them should make your gutters last for around 30 years.

5K gutters or seamless gutters are the most popular form of gutters in homes throughout the country. These continuous gutters contain no seams which reduce the risk of leaks and enable them to carry more water without the risk of breaking.
Seamless gutters are quickly gaining popularity because of their ability to control the water runoff on your property. What this means is that your siding, landscaping and foundation are protected from unnecessary leaks.
Gutter accessories are an important part of any gutter system. The accessories are what help your gutters stay free from debris and rain overflow.
Gutters are a haven for leaves and various other debris, which works against your gutter system, causing rainwater to back up and cause severe damage to your gutters, roof and structure of your home.
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