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Easy Steps to Refinish your Wood Window Frames

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Easy Steps to Refinish your Wood Window Frames

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Wood window frames look gorgeous in any home.¬† The only problem with them is that they are subject to wear and tear from moisture, sunlight and everyday wear and tear.¬† When the finish begins to chip or wear off of your wood window frame, your window frame is susceptible to rotting, mildew or mold.¬† The good news is that refinishing your wood window frames can be done very easily ‚Äď typically only taking one full day to complete.¬† If you have ever refinished cabinets or a dresser, the process is basically the same.¬† The benefit to refinishing your wood window frames is that you can take this opportunity to change the color of your window frames, which is great for those that were tired of the color or wish to change the color in the entire room.

The Wood Window Frame Refinishing Process

With a few quick steps, you can easily refinish your wood window frames.  It does not take any expert knowledge or skill; it simply takes time and patience.

  • Before you apply a new finish, it is important to remove the existing finish.¬† This can be done with paint stripper and a putty knife.¬† When you use paint stripper, simply apply it to the window frame and wait the allotted time as stated on the bottle.¬† Each brand has a different waiting period.¬† When it is ready, simply peel the paint off with your putty knife.
  • Once you have removed all traces of the existing finish, it is time to clean the wood window frame.¬† You want to make sure you get rid of all dirt and grime so as not to seal it into the window frame when you refinish it.
  • It is important to allow sufficient drying time before applying the new finish to reduce the risk of mold or mildew growth.
  • Once your window frame is dry, it is time to apply the paint primer to give your paint a real chance at adhering to the window frame, giving you more time out of your refinishing efforts.
  • Allow plenty of drying time for the paint primer and then sand the entire wood window frame.¬† This will allow your fresh paint to adhere to the window frame the best.
  • Once you are finished sanding, choose your paint color and apply as many coats as necessary until you achieve the desired color.¬† Make sure to allow proper drying time in between each coat and to sand in between coats.
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